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If you’re wondering how to send flowers for a birthday, you may want to use a delivery service. These types of services can be used for each exact same-day and advance shipping and delivery. You’ll get the flowers you send out will arrive in top condition and will be treasured from the receiver of the […]

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The best flea stuff for puppies is a flea treatment product that contains an insect growth regulator (IGR) to stop the life cycle of fleas. This typically comes in the form of topical sprays, shampoos, collars, or pills and should be applied monthly to ensure full protection throughout the entire flea season. An IGR-containing product […]

Can ticks survive in water

Yes, ticks can survive in water. Depending on the species of tick, it may prefer to stay in wetter or drier habitats. Some ticks are adapted for water and can survive for as long as two weeks in still freshwater, while some species will only drink water when they need blood. As well, some species […]

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The lifespan of the tick on a dog is typically between 5-9 days, depending on environmental conditions and the health of the host. Once the tick attaches itself, it can take up to 24 hours for it to begin feeding, during which time it will lay its eggs. During this time, the tick will stay […]

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